Free Shipping!! This Brass consists of 100% military 7.62 brass. All commercial 308 has been sorted out. Each casing has been roll sized, deprimed, full length resized, trimmed to +/- 0.003 of 2.005, neck resized for correct bullet seating, swaged to remove primer crimps, and polished to a bright long lasting shine. Brass is checked with headspace, neck tension, and primer pocket gauges to ensure quality. Shipping is through USPS in the United States only. 


We are very confident in our brass and strive to keep tight tolerances of the SAAMI specs processing each casing. That being said we check to the best of our abilities but we strongly recommend you inspect each brass casing before reloading. We at Brass Bros LLC do not warranty or guarantee any of the brass we sell or assume any liability for damage or bodily harm. It is sold as-is and should be loaded by an adult who comprehends the right process to safely load ammunition.

Processed 7.62 Brass

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  • This product is ready to load! No more cleaning, trimming or sizing. Out of the box it is ready to prime, charge & seat your bullet.